Saturday, March 30, 2013

March 2013 Glossybox: Spring Fling

My awesome friend, Sanya, did it again. I received another Glossybox this month. And apparently her awesomeness knows no bounds because she told me that she actually bought me a 3 month subscription! :D See! She's Awesome! (This friend also previously sent me TWO diff versions of the Sonic Screwdriver. If you don't know what a Sonic Screwdriver is, get thee to Netflix and add Doctor Who to your queue. New series and Classic Who are both available to watch instantly. You're welcome!)
This Glossybox is focused on Spring. Renewing and reinventing yourself. It comes with another issue of the Glossybox Mag, which I really didn't talk much about last time. It's 26 pages of beauty and fashion. It contains quick, interesting interviews and small, to-the-point articles. In each issue you can find Editor's picks, Gems From the Pharmacy (diff country each issue), and see what made the list for the Top 5 Glossybox Office Obsessions. Personally, I like the little handy magazine. Give me the goods and don't waste my time.

The first thing I noticed about this Glossybox is that it is pink. Not a bright, in-yo-face pink, but a soft, muted pink. But the inside....YES! It's still as dark as my humor/heart/soul. (LOL) I'm really glad this isn't all frilly and shit. I enjoy makeup and beauty, but I don't want something puke-tastic. (Even if it is a container I can toss in the trash. I'm actually thinking of keeping these little boxes to use for storage or something) This is fucking classy!

Like every month, there are 10(-ish) things that you can possibly get. In my box I received: Oriental Plants Emollient Cream by Koh Gen Do Cosmetics, Cheek + Lip Tint by Modelco in Rosy Red, Pixi Nail Polish in Fresh Red, Essential Oil Bar Soap by Prestiche, and Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce Finishing Hairspray. As a little extra from Prestiche I have a $40 gift certificate.

Again, the amount of product in each item is absolutely sufficient for trial purposes. Actually, 3 of these products (lip/cheek tint, nail polish, and soap) are great for regular daily use since they are the original sizes. I didn't think to mention this in previous Glossybox post, but when you consider the price of some of the items and the fact that 2 or 3 are full size it makes getting this box a steal. A subscription to Glossybox costs $21.00 a month. The total price of just the full size items in this box (because I don't feel like doing the math to find out the value of the sample sizes) comes to $48.99. Fucking Amazing!

I am totally recommending Glossybox to everyone I know. I'm still hoping to budget in a subscription when the 3 months my friend paid for are up. Thank you, Sanya!

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