In case you somehow missed it, my name is Elaina. I'm a 30 year old, single mother. My 9 year old provides me with endless entertainment and the occasional eye-twitching moment. I am addicted to music, movies, the Internet, but most of all, reading. I have the tendency to get sucked into a book and not want to leave. And when I'm done with that book I miss the feeling so much that I immediately find another to jump into. Books are my number one way to escape.

Lately, I've found that I really like sharing my thoughts on books, products, well....just about everything. I've considered starting a blog before, but never thought I've had enough to share. Since I've share my opinion elsewhere a lot more recently, I've changed my mind.

So here's this blog. Keeping it easy. I've decided not to focus only on makeup or books (to the surprise of a few friends), but keep it open to whatever I want to share my thoughts on. There could be anything on here, from the previously mentioned makeup and books to food products, phone apps, or Pinterest (All Hail Pinterest!) tutorials.

Unless otherwise stated, I buy everything with my own money. I do not receive anything for sharing my opinion. And I give my honest opinion. If I don't like something you will definitely know.

I would like to mention that there will be the occasional profanity/vulgarity. I want this experience to feel relaxed, like I'm talking with friends. And sometimes there is just no better way to word things. I highly doubt there will ever be a post full of F-Bombs and such. I would guesstimate that it would be about 2-3 naughty words per post, but there will most likely be posts that have none at all.

Well, I think that's about it. Thanks for stopping by. Have an awesome day! :)


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