Friday, June 28, 2013

Stash Blueberry Superfruit Herbal Tea with Nektar Honey Crystals Review

I'm not an avid tea drinker, but I do enjoy a cup here and there. For this reason a box of tea hangs around a while here. I've tried a almost all from this Stash tea sampler box. The only one left was Blueberry Superfruit herbal tea. I thought since I was trying to get back into blogging I would review it (unlike the others that I enjoyed and kept quiet about). I also had a couple packets of Nektar honey crystals that I got last year and never bothered trying. Although I love honey it never sweetens the herbal tea enough for my liking. I decided to give it a go now. (I hate to waste things.) 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

OPI Liquid Sand Nail Polish

OPI Liquid Sand Polish in Can't Let Go

I received this OPI Liquid Sand Nail Polish in a Glossybox back in January. I have worn it a couple times since then and loved it. Never seemed to get around to blogging about it though. I was feeling like wearing something on my nails (not an all the time thing. I usually only paint my toes. Don't worry. You will never have to see those!) and thought I would review this while I was thinking about it.