Friday, May 31, 2013

May 2013 Glossybox: A Year of Beauty

This is my last Glossybox of the 3 month gift that Awesome Sanya sent me. Sadly, I don't have the extra cash to get my own subscription. But when I do you better believe I will be getting more Glossyboxes.

So Glossybox is celebrating their first year. (Congrats! You guys are awesome!) The Glossybox Mag is back with the same favorites. This issue is focused more on makeup than fashion which is cool with me. And they even threw in a bit of Gatsby. Hurrah!

"This month, we put together a special collection full of treats that embraces both our past and future, with a fun nod to New York City, our hometown. Here's to many more years of sparkle!"    --Susan Naci

This month it's back to the 11 possible items. In my Glossybox I have: Intense Defense Anti-Aging + Repair Serum by Epionce, Collagen & Aloe Vera Hydro Mask by etre belle, Volupt Spray by Sebastian Professional, Absolute! Perfume Stick by Nicka K New York in Rhythm, Slow It Body Wash and Body Lotion by European Wax Center, and Xtreme Lashes GlideLiner Long Lasting Eye Pencil in Black Pearl. A sharpener came with the eye pencil. Also, there were to two offers inside. A Free wax for first-time guests at European Wax Center (no clue if there is one nearby) and a coupon for a Free 1.5 oz Shaper or Shaper Plus with any $15 Sebastian purchase at Ulta (There is an Ulta nearby. Yes!)

So is this box worth the $21? My guess would be, Absolutely! But lets do the little breakdown for shits and giggles.

Full size items? Two. GlideLiner (with sharpener) priced at $29.00 and Absolute! Perfume Stick priced at $14.99. These two total up at $43.99 and are $22.99 more than the whole fucking box!

How many of the items will I be able to actually use enough to form an opinion? This one's a little tricky. I would say there are 4 definites, 1 possible, and 2 I-fucking-doubt-its. The possible is the anti aging serum. It's tiny, but you don't usually need a lot of product in one use with serums. Again, they are killing me with these pointless little packets. One of those little red packets is a body wash and one is a body lotion. How much of my body could I possibly wash or moisturize with that itty bitty packet? The body wash I could maybe, maaybeee get one full good use out of, but that lotion is fucking ridic. I might be able to moisturize one whole arm. If I'm careful. And I've already moisturized once. I have dry skin. It ain't gonna do shit for me. They couldn't have splurged for at least tiny bottles? That brand isn't even priced nearly as high as the fancy ass moisturizer in last months box. Whatever. I'll give it a go.

Still, the dinky little packets can't kill the rest of this experience for me. The four Glossyboxes that I have received now were all awesome. I will be getting more one day.

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