Monday, July 30, 2012

Mom VoxBox Influenster 2012


I’m a little late posting this. I received this VoxBox around mid June, but with general life and then our family vacation I haven’t been able to sit down and focus enough to post about it.

First, a little bit about Influenster. Influenster is a community you can join and share your opinions on products. You create a profile and earn badges to receive boxes of personalized products. When you receive the products try them out and then fill the survey out afterwards. Influenster also asks that you share your opinions on their review pages and also on your own blog/twitter/facebook page.
This is my first VoxBox. I was so excited. I had watched a few youtube videos about it and seen all kinds of cool stuff that Influenster has sent people in the past. The VoxBox I was chosen to receive and review was their Mom VoxBox.
Along with the products, I received a postcard-sized information card. On it is a brief description about each product and it’s price (handy!).
As you can see from the picture below, these aren’t just small sample sizes. These are full sized products. I received: 1 bar of Ivory soap, 1 pack of DenTek Comfort Clean Flossers, 1 pack of DenTek Fun Flossers, 1 box of Stash Tea Superfruits tea sampler with 2 packets of Nektar sweetener, 1 Quaker Soft Baked Oatmeal Raisin cookie, and 1 set of imPRESS Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails.
Some of these products I was thrilled to receive and couldn’t wait to try (you may not be able to tell but that cookie wrapper is totally empty) and others I was a bit indifferent about, but all I have tried. I will be making individual posts for my review of each product.

**I received all of these products for free from Influenster for testing and review purposes.**

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