Wednesday, July 11, 2012

2nd & Charles - New and Used Bookstore

loooooooove to read! Most of my friends do too, but probably not to the extent that I do. Lol. Sometimes I just fall into a reading frenzy and I just do the bare minimum of everything else and focus the rest of my time and energy on reading. Yeah...I'm 
kinda addicted.

While at a friend's house recently, I noticed she had a well loved book with a price sticker still on it. I picked it up and saw that she only paid $2.80 for it! I asked her where she got it. Her eyes got real big and she said “2nd & Charles! Oh my god! I’ve been meaning to tell you about it. You have to go there!" So we went a few days later to take advantage of their buy 5 get 5 free fiction book sale. I was in book store heaven. They sell new books too, but they have so many used books. Most are still in great condition for dirt cheap! AND they have books outside the door in bins for Free! I bought 11 books total. The last was a hardback book that was only $1 because it was a little older and missing the dust cover. Who cares about a dust cover?! It was still in pretty good shape.

Will I shop here again? Most def! This place will probably get every extra penny I acquire. And thankfully I can buy them with just that, saved pennies.
Visit the 2nd & Charles website. They buy/sell/trade comic books, electronics and other stuff too. See if they have a store near you.

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