Friday, July 19, 2013

Walmart & Ulta haul

I thought it would be a good idea to share what I bought at Walmart and Ulta. This way you could see things that I'm dying to try and also mention that I was going to be away on my family vacation. I meant to have the post written so I could just edit and post it the day I left. But that totally didn't happen. We left Tuesday to drive 10-ish hours to Kentucky. The drive (and the fact that I didn't sleep at all the night before) completely drained me. And I've been busy visiting family since we got here. So this is super late, but at least it will give you a few ideas of what I will be reviewing when I get back home.

First stop was Walmart. I mainly needed to stock up on small toiletries for the trip and makeup wipes. But, of course, once I was in range of the makeup aisles I was distracted by the shiny. I am proud of myself for not going overboard and making a bunch of unplanned purchases. I knew I was going to Ulta and I already knew what I wanted to buy.

The toiletries are not exciting. I doubt anyone wants to see them and I'm not planning to do a review on any of them (unless requested), but they are still a part of my shopping adventure. The toiletry section is always a hit or miss for me. Sometimes I find my usual brands and sometimes I just have to work with what they have. I bought: Sensodyne ProNamel Gentle Whitening (usual brand), Listerine Total Care Mouthwash (usual brand), Head & Shoulders (I usually get the Equate version just to save money),  Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner (don't believe I've ever tried.), Caress Daily Silk Body Wash (used before but not what I normally use), and Degree Shower Clean Deodorant/Anti-perspirant. (My previous usual brand until I quit using anti-perspirants about 6 months ago. I bought it because it does work well and I knew I would be spending loads of time outside and getting smelly. Don't mind getting smelly but hate feeling like I have bad B.O. all the time. I will go back to using my Toms Deodorant when we are back home.)

The beauty items I bought at Walmart were all new to me. I am currently trying to find a new facial cleanser for my sensitive dry skin, so I picked up this bottle of Cetaphil. I'm hoping this gives my skin a little relief. Makeup wipes that are another thing I am on the hunt for. The last ones I used actually made my face sting. Not fun. I bought the Equate Makeup Remover wipes that are supposed to be equivalent to the Neutrogena wipes. (Def reviewing these because this search for my missing Holy Grail Makeup Wipe is tragic and full of woe.) I bought the Almay Liquid Lip Balm in Apple a Day because I bought one in the color Cantaloupe a few days prior at Walgreens and loved it.

Here's a photo of both Apple a Day and Cantaloupe because I really felt bad about leaving Cantaloupe out of the party. 

After Walmart I went to Ulta. I prayed I would find the Lumene BB Cream their since it's absolutely no where else in this town! This Lumene BB Cream in Light was the only one they had left. *sigh* Sweet Victory. I'm praying it is everything that I hope it will be.
The only other thing that I wanted was an eyebrow pencil. Eyebrows are my weakness (imo). I have only used eyebrow powder and an angle brush before. Some days I am pleased and other days I think I look ridiculous. I've always wanted to try a pencil to see if I like it better. I found this Pushup Bra for Eyebrow pencil by NYX. I am a bit intimidated. We'll see how it goes.
And, of course, I left with another concealer. Concealers are my weakness. I have used the Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser before in the Neutralizer shade. I really liked it, but wasn't totally pleased with it. So I'm trying this on in Light to see if it works any better for me and my Dark Circles o' Death.

I will be back home by the end of next week. I'm planning to post a review (not sure which it will be) by the next Monday, at the latest. Which one would you like for me to review first?

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